Introducing COLGA

"We, the Colga Executive, need your help!

We wish to represent your collective view but we often have to guess when we are asked to represent you all. To help to improve this need of communication with most of you, we have launched our website (with support and encouragement from Vi Dempster) to encourage you in your task as a Governor and to help formulate our collective position. We hope you will find this site easy to use. We want to know what you think about issues which affect Governors. Many discussions will be started on this site. Opinions may be expressed to try to gauge your support. They can only be COLGA views if they have your support.

We will continue to communicate via COLGA News for those of you who prefer paper to computers

Thanks for all you do for the schools of Leicester"


Mission Statement

COLGA exists to promote achievement in schools by working with governors to:

  • further the interests of children in Leicester schools;
  • encourage, promote and facilitate communication between governing bodies;
  • represent the views and interests of governors;
  • assist and develop governing bodies;
  • further good relationships between the LEA and governing bodies;
  • be a democratic, independent forum for governors;
  • protect the integrity of education in the City;
  • develop links with relevant organisations;
  • raise funds to do its work; and
  • promote equality of opportunity.




You are particularly encouraged to look at the header pages for Documents and Colga matters where info on pupil premium , the unvalidated Ks2 results are discussed and where a new consultation on Governance is introduced

As a resut of the birth bulge, the 5 year old school population is expected to peak in 2015. In reponse to this all the primary schools listed below are having extensions / new buildings

Alderman Richard Hallam,Braustone Frith,Eyres Monsell, Herrick, Linden, Mowmacre, Parks, Rushey Mead and Stokes Wood, Sandfield Close, Whitehall , Wolsey House, Woodstock.

Further work is being planned for Hope Hamilton, St Mary's , Christ the King and Scraptoft Valley.

Although the increase in primary school population is not rising because of the birth bulge, it is now rising because of extra 'immigration' into the City ,both from other parts of the country and from overseas. In December there were 160 children resident in Leicester who had no school place to go to. Some further extra places are to made available at Easter to help with this problem.

This increase in numbers will reach the secondary phase sooner than was expected and the first serious increases will arise next September.

Pupil Places

 A draft charter has been developed by LESP ; here is the link to the charter. This represents a potential promise of all leicester schools to their students

draft charter